Berlin University of Arts

is a German university founded in 1975 with the merger of the Berlin State School of Fine Arts and the Berlin State School of Music and the Performing Arts. Its root institutions date back to the founding of the Akademie der K√ľnste in 1696. The university has four colleges specialising in fine arts, architecture, media and design, music and the performing arts with around 4,500 students. A Hochschule until November 2001, the university is one of the largest institutions of music and arts in the world. Thus the Berlin University of the Arts is one of only two universities in Germany (along with the University of the Arts Bremen) to unite the faculties of art and music in one institution. (quelle: Wikipedia)




Architecture student works of Udk

ROSSI by Thomas Werner  ROSSI by Thomas Werner

 Graduation design
  architecture student: Thomas Werner
  from: university of arts Berlin (UdK)
  professor: Adolf Krischanitz, Susanne Hauser
  time: presentation January 2008; 4month work period
  locate: Berlin
  category: experiment design


A Visitors Center to the United Nations by Ilija Bentscheff A Visitors Center to the United Nations by Ilija Bentscheff
  Graduation design
  architecture student: Ilija Bentscheff
  from: University of the Arts Berlin
  professor: Prof. E. Sobejano, A. Krischanitz, C. Gengnagel
  time: Spring Term 2010
  locate: Manhattan
  category: Museum




















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